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If most dance studios seem to have qualified, friendly teachers, experience teaching children and a big show at the end of the year, aren't they all pretty much the same?

Does it really matter where you decide to enroll your child? 

Yes. There are four main things that can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction your child receives, and the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of being involved with a dance program.


1. What is the size of the class?
If the dance class has fewer students in it each child will receive more personalized attention, learn more and have more fun! It is much easier for a teacher to maintain control over the class and make sure each student understands the concepts and instructions. We offer every class at a variety of different levels and days/times to ensure all students can be in the right class! Our smaller class sizes make sure that no fundamental concepts are being missed and also allows our teachers to ensure that students are not developing bad habits or improper techniques.

2. Do you offer combo classes?
, for our younger students, under the age of seven.  Beginner dancers are taught in combinations of ballet/tap, or acro/hip hop.  This gives the student a well rounded dance experience and helps them decide which discipline to concentrate on as they get older!  They have lots of fun learning basic techniques in each area, as well as proper dance terminology.  

3. Do you use student teachers?    
Many dance studios use their advanced students as "teachers" or "student teachers." These "teachers" may some day have the potential for being excellent teachers, but they themselves are still learning; being an excellent dancer does not equate to and excellent teacher. All of our classes have professional teachers, and we do also utilize our advanced students as demonstrators for beginner level classes. With younger classes, student teachers offer an ease for the teacher to maintain control over the class and make sure each student understands the concepts and instructions, and that everyone gets the attention they deserve! Through the use of student demonstrators, time is spent ensuring that students are not developing bad habits or improper technique.

4. Can I get immediate assistance and customer service?
In many studios the teacher or the studio owner conducts classes and does the administration. By trying to do two jobs at once, the class may suffer by the teacher having to use class time for customer service issues, or the studio may have no customer service available if the teacher is in a class. To have a good experience it is important to choose a studio that can assist you with details like costumes or schedules, even if a teacher is occupied in a class. Our studio has office staff available during class times, so you can have immediate assistance for any customer service issues you may have. Our teachers are left free to focus on teaching: the class always gets undivided attention!

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